Because MIRA is flourishing while other associations are floundering, I would like to see us broaden the membership base to include other areas such as restaurants and bars.”

“It’s vital to have a strong member base capable of presenting a stronger voice to legislators. Government has failed us during these difficult economic times, and we must do more to promote ourselves and our industry so that we have more control more than our own destiny.

Richard FiatoNorth Pointe Insurance Company, Southfield MI

MIRA, as an organization is a good corporate citizen that gives back to the people of this community.”

“I expect MIRA to continue to lead the political fight for issues that involve building a stronger business climate and hope everyone promotes membership because MIRA’s consolidated voice for the group is stronger that it would be for each member.

Mike QuinnPepsi Beverages, Howell MI

I want to see MIRA grow its membership so that we have more clout in lobbying for favorable legislation. We need to promote membership so that the MIRA can be a strong voice in speaking for independent retailers.

Clifton PattahFood Pride Super Market, Detroit MI

MIRA has a large impact on the industry and on my family business. Having input on decision making in Lansing and Washington is essential. We need to be a strong voice of the industry to survive.

Thomas WelchHollywood Super Markets, Troy MI

The strength and success of any organization, whether it is for profit or non-profit, can be measured and judged by its accomplishments and the number of members it serves.”

“MIRA has worked tirelessly over the years to protect the rights and interests of independent retailers. “These accomplishments have made a positive impact on many business owners, whether or not they are members and, by encouraging and promoting membership, MIRA will be a stronger and more powerful organization.

Sam ShoukriShowerman's Fine wine & Liquor, Livonia MI

My father said, ‘You have no right to complain unless you are involved in making it better.’ It’s been important to me to continue to make things better for people coming behind us.”

“Continued growth will make our membership programs stronger. Without membership in organizations like MIRA, small business does not have a voice. There is strength in numbers, and when we are strong we can successfully work for the common good.

Chris ZebariLipari Foods, Warren MI

Not everyone realizes how important MIRA is or how it benefits their business.”

“There are many intangible assets for each member’s business from work MIRA does behind the scenes in Lansing, Columbus, and Washington on issues that affect all of us. As we gain more members, our voice becomes stronger.

Ronnie JamilBella Vino Wine, Farmington Hills MI

Especially in this difficult economy and with so many regulations, we need to have people who can speak for our industry and fight for our causes.”

“I want MIRA’s base to be wider because new members mean a larger organization and a stronger voice – which enables organizations like MIRA to affect what happens in local, state, and federal government – and a strong voice depends on building a good, solid base.

Fred DallyMedicine Chest, Detroit MI

By increasing membership, MIRA can improve the perception of supermarkets in the area. Metro-Detroit is perceived as a food desert, but we have some of the best supermarkets anywhere.

Jim HooksMetro Foodland, Detroit MI

It is important to be involved in what is happening in the gasoline and convenience store industry. MIRA is always on the cutting edge of what is going on, as well as the issues that arrive daily.”

“It’s important to promote MIRA because it is such a wonderful organization for people in our industry to become a part of so they can receive all the benefits that are available to them.”

Vickie HobbsWhitehall Shell, Columbbus OH