As MIRA gains more members, we become stronger, and this results in more legislators listening to our voice regarding issues that affect our businesses.

Mike KozaHigh Pointe Oil, Novi M

It is important to give back to our great industry by doing everything possible to improve the overall well-being of MIRA members.”

“There is strength in numbers. In 2011, the retail environment will change very quickly, and it is critical that MIRA grows stronger in every aspect of our businesses.

Gary DavisPrairie Farms Dairy, Oak Park MI

It’s rewarding to be part of an organization that is trying to pool resources to compete with the chain stores, such as the programs that have been endorsed by our committees. They help bring in savings with companies that otherwise would never have been presented.” “With more voices comes more success, because the stronger in numbers and participation in our organization, the more viable we become with politicians in our states to bring about positive legislation for our industry, as well as having more leverage in the vendor community to help make us more competitive and profitable.

Phil KassaHearland Marketplace, Farmington Hills MI

I volunteer because the association helps shape the direction of the industry and also benefits my business.”

“We should continue to educate our members on the benefits of membership so that they take advantage of our programs. We are all small business owners with common goals and we all compete against the bigger businesses. Binding together in MIRA makes us more competitive against them.

Jerry CreteIdeal Party Store, Bay City MI

I believe in the effectiveness and spirit of the staff and members of this organization. I recommend that all members read the MIRA mission statement to get a sense of how important it is for everyone to promote membership.

Paul ElhindiCorner Market, Lyndhurst OH

MIRA is a good organization, very community focused,”  “The biggest benefit is the government relations interface. They lobby for all of us and work for our rights on issues like federal and state taxes,” “MIRA was behind the initiative to spread food stamps out across the month, which has been very helpful, and they are working hard on the bottle recycling issue, which is painful and expensive for retailers to maintain. We couldn’t do it alone.

Gary GerlachOrchard Markets

I like what MIRA is doing,” “They are very strong in helping the community and working on retailers’ issues.

Jim NaderPlumb's Inc.

Quite honestly, MIRA does such a fine job meeting our needs. What I love the most is that when we have a question, they are always ready to answer it or get back to us very quickly.

Jeff AnusbigianWestborn Market

I feel that the MIRA organization is a great way to bring together people in the industry for exchanges of ideas and concepts, and it’s a great way to meet people through MIRA’s various functions and events.

Earl IshbiaSherwood Food Distributors

There are a lot of cynics out there that say MIRA doesn’t do much for the average member, and I’m here to tell them that they do.  I am on the inside, I know what they do.  People don’t realize what goes on behind the scenes, so I tell a lot of people about the work MIRA is doing and what a fantastic job Auday Arabo is doing as President & CEO.

Clifton DenhaWine Palace, Livonia MI